6. Slideshows

To cause your troff source to be converted into slideshow-ready HTML, have it source the provided macro file pca-t2p-slides.tmac. This macro file uses a version of the MozPoint library to produce the appropriate JavaScript and style sheets to convert your sequence of HTML pages into a Web presentation.

HTML pages meant for presentation use larger, bolder fonts, and do not have navigation bars.

The following table describes the keys used to control the presentation:

Action Effect
n, space, mouse-click Next slide
p, backspace Previous Slide
t, 0 Title, or 0pening, slide
n (integer ≥ 0) nth slide
b toggle current slide with Black screen
w toggle current slide with White screen

Note that the slides are numbered from 0 onward (rather than 1). Also, when typing a number n that’s two or more digits long to get the nth slide, the digits should be pressed fairly rapidly so they are interpreted together.