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Here are some Scheme- and Common-Lisp-related code and documentation. Everything presented here is freely distributable and freely usable, and comes with no warranty of any kind. FS (as in GPL, LGPL) bundlers who require a standard license may use the LGPL to bundle any of these items. Others should find my COPYING file adequate.

You may find versions of some of these items in other archives or bundled with larger projects, but this is where you are guaranteed to get the absolute latest.

Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days. Also available in Nobuo Yamashita’s Japanese and Jinghe Song’s Chinese translations.

TeX2page converts LaTeX and plain TeX documents into Web pages. Some celebrity uses of TeX2page. The TeX2page FAQ.

An \eval for TeX.

LFE Lessons, or my (unfinished) path to learning Lisp-Flavoured Erlang.

troff2page converts man and ms documents to Web pages.

txt2page converts free-form or slighty troff-y plain text to HTML.

Editing Lisp & Scheme in vi(m)

pregexp: Portable Regular Expressions for Scheme and Common Lisp. Perl 5.x syntax.

Scheme 2003 Workshop slides.

SLaTeX is a font-assigning pretty-printer for Scheme code in TeX documents.

Scmxlate: Porting Scheme code across dialects and to Common Lisp. This includes the scm2cl submodule that can be independently used to port Scheme code to Common Lisp.

Schelog is an embedding of Prolog-style logic programming in Scheme.

Unwind-protect in portable Scheme.

Other stuff, and old stuff.

More Scheme-related material may be found at PLT,

I am grateful to Northeastern University’s Programming Languages Team (PLT) for hosting some of the above web pages.

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