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 Dorai Sitaram 

Scmxlate is a configuration tool for software packages written in Scheme.

Scmxlate provides the package author with a strategy for programmatically specifying the changes required to translate the package for a variety of Scheme dialects and Common Lisp, and a variety of operating systems. The end-user simply loads one file into their Scheme or Common Lisp, which triggers the entire configuration process with little or no further intervention.

Thus, there are two types of user for Scmxlate:

(i) The end-user of an Scmxlate-configured package, who relies on the Scmxlate program to perform the configuration for their system; and

(ii) the package author, who uses the Scmxlate methodology to specify an executable form of the configuration details for the package.

The package author is still required to know a lot more about the configuration process than the end-user, even with Scmxlate helping the former. The advantage to using Scmxlate is that the several end-users can each configure the product to their different systems by following the same simple step.

Section 1 describes the use of Scmxlate to execute an already written configuration, and is all the information you will need if you are an end-user of packages that have Scmxlate configurations.

Sections 2 and 3 are for package authors, and describe the method and the language used to write an Scmxlate configuration.


    1  Using an Scmxlate configuration

    2  Writing an Scmxlate configuration
        2.1  A minimal configuration
        2.2  Dialect-configuration files
        2.3  Target dialects
        2.4  User-configuration files

    3  The Scmxlate directives
        3.1  scmxlate-insert
        3.2  scmxlate-postamble
        3.3  scmxlate-postprocess
        3.4  scmxlate-ignoredef
        3.5  scmxlate-rename
        3.6  scmxlate-ignoredef-rename
        3.7  scmxlate-prefix
        3.8  scmxlate-cond
        3.9  scmxlate-eval
        3.10  scmxlate-compile
        3.11  scmxlate-include
        3.12  scmxlate-uncall

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